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  1. Put the mango cubes, sugar and lemon juice in a large bowl and leave to macerate for a couple of hours. The sugar will dissolve and the flavours intensify.
  2. Halve the passion fruits and scoop the pulp into a mesh strainer set over a small bowl. Use a wooden spoon to stir the seeds around to release the juice. Discard the seeds. Add the juice to a food processor along with mango mix, vodka and orange juice. Blitz until completely smooth and silky.
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice-cram machine following the manufacturers instructions and churn until frozen. Pour into an airtight container and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours until firm.
  4. When ready to serve remove from the freezer at least 10-15 minutes before eating so that it can soften. Serve in iced bowls with a sprig of mint.
Recipe Notes


Pop your serving dishes in the freezer for a couple of hours before serving, take out and serve scoops in the iced bowls.  This means the sorbet doesn't melt immediately in the hot weather.

You can make this sorbet recipe without an ice cream maker but the texture of the finished product will not be as smooth.  If you don’t have an ice cream maker, place then blended mix in an ice cream container or lined loaf pan and mix the sorbet regularly with a fork as it freezes. Alternatively, process it in a food processor once frozen and refreeze.

The vodka is added for texture, not for flavour. You can leave it out altogether but alcohol reduces your homemade sorbet’s freezing point, thus making it softer and easier to scoop. Note that the more alcohol you add, the softer the sorbet gets, so don’t go too crazy or your mango sorbet will turn into slush.  You can use rum or tequila instead of vodka but the alcohol will be more noticeable than the relatively neutral vodka.

If you cannot find fresh passion fruit or don't want to juice them, you can use frozen passion fruit pulp.  A medium passion fruit usually contains 1 tbsp. of pulp.  Funkin do a fabulous passion fruit pulp that you can also use for cocktails - buy online and freeze the remaining pulp in 100ml bags.

Avoid green passion fruits.  Remember, the greener and smoother it is, the less ripened it is. Look for fruit that has turned purple and is wrinkled.  When picking your mangos in the supermarket, don’t go by colour always choose by feel.  The fruit when squeezed should give slightly.


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