What will the class size be? Each demonstration will be for 10 clients, this being the safe number of people that can be taught comfortably within the kitchen, at any one time. Students will sit side-by-side in the kitchen and this is within a proximity of less than 2m, as such additional mitigation measures will be in place. These include improved ventilation, provision of hand sanitiser, wearing masks when not eating and excellent hygiene standards before, during and after classes.

Do we have to wear a face mask? Yes, out of respect for all attendees, you are requested to wear a face mask when not eating. Please bring your own, a limited quantity will be available on the day.  This may change due to Governement guidelines.

What should I do if I would like to attend a class with fewer people or do not want to wear a mask? Lower student to teacher ratio demonstrations are available and a list of those interested need to contact Gee for them to be arranged upon demand. There will be a higher price for these classes, in order that they are viable to run.

Private one-to-one lessons and classes are always available, if you would prefer a class dedicated to yourself, a couple or a group from one household.

Will the kitchen be cleaned between each class? Yes, all facilities will be cleaned before and after each class.

Will hand sanitiser be provided? Yes, provided upon arrival and available throughout each class.

Will we need to wear gloves? No, this is not required. WHO guidance, is that the use of hand sanitiser and washing of hands is more effective in the prevention of spreading the virus than wearing gloves.

Will any ingredients or food be shared? No, food is served in individual portions.

Does everyone have to social distance? Yes, the class is small with this in mind and to ensure everyone is comfortable. Please socially distance upon arrival and when using the facilities in the house. .

Will you be taking any precautionary tests on arrival? No, but this is on a trust basis, if you’re not feeling 100%, stay home. Please err on the side of caution and do not attend, particularly if you have any symptoms of the virus. If it is evident that you are unwell, you will be turned away on the day.  Everyone’s enjoyment of the class is the priority, but not at the expense of health and safety.

Will there be access to a loo? Yes, there is a clean loo, with hand-washing basin and sanitiser gel available for all clients.

Will you be operating test and trace? Yes, if an attendee notifies Gee Cartwright Cookery that they have coronavirus and you were in that same class, you will be contacted via email. Attendee records are kept for this purpose.


Gee Cartwright Cookery will follow all government instructions and guidance with respect to the Covid-19 virus.

Gee Cartwright Cookery cannot be held responsible for acts of individuals or participants, which may conflict with the current guidelines.

Gee Cartwright Cookery will not be held liable for any potential spread of the virus on the premises while conducting the classes or otherwise.

Gee Cartwright Cookery will not be held liable of any last-minute cancellations of classes due to COVID-19. If a class is not going ahead customers will be offered alternative dates or vouchers to the equivalent value, so that it can be re-booked.

In the case that you have to cancel or cannot attend due to a high temperature on arrival, Gee Cartwright Cookery will offer as much flexibility as possible while covering our incurred costs.

In the case that a class is cancelled due to not reaching the minimum number of 10 people, Gee Cartwright Cookery will give you as much notice as possible to notify you of your cancelled class or alternative arrangements.

It might be necessary to re-arrange your booking, if the specific numbers of attendees in each booking do not allow safe running of the class.